Crowdscore - Friendly CompetitionCrowdscore - Friendly Competition

The CrowdscoreTM System

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Crowdscore is a free speech technology that supports all social media platforms: X (twitter), Facebook, YouTube, Parler, GETTR, Reddit, Mewe, CloutHub, TikTok, Rumble, Gab, and Truth Social can all benefit immensely from this crowdsourced fact-checking system.

With the implementation of our custom API, social media platforms will be able to contribute to overall rating and ranking through our proprietary Crowdscore algorithm. With a simple click, users can wield the power of the vote. And because all posts and comments will be subject to the vote, users will need to interact wisely and citizen journalists will need to hold themselves to the highest journalistic standards.

Additionally, those who are trolling or bullying others will see their Crowdscore decrease until the behavior ceases. This is a big change from “wild west” commenting seen on all current social media platforms. Accountability is the bedrock of the Crowdscore system. We will have a true representation of what the people believe.

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